In The News: MassTech’s Grant for Blockchain Education Makes Headlines

Thursday, September 3, 2020
The Innovation Institute at MassTech


The Innovation Institute at MassTech launched a new training program on blockchain technology targeted at government innovators, demonstrating the Commonwealth’s commitment to supporting the blockchain revolution. The program is managed by Media Shower, a Boston-based media and communications company, that was awarded a $31,500 grant to run the training sessions.

The grant and the new training program received several write-ups in national and trade media. Below are excerpts are from recent coverage:


Massachusetts rolls out Blockchain education courses for Government officials

Daily Block

By: Gareth Jenkinson

August 7, 2020

Pat Larkin, director of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative’s Innovation Institute, hopes the course will upskill state administrators and open their eyes to the possibilities of blockchain-based innovations.

“A fundamental understanding and awareness of the capabilities and attributes of any new emerging technology are a conditioned precedent to any adoption strategy. We are pleased with the opportunity to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology through this awareness and education campaign for enlightened municipal leaders being conducted by the local blockchain community,” Larkin said.

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Massachusetts is training local governments on blockchain


By: Colin Wood

August 14, 2020

Blockchain, a technology that a handful of state and local governments have been prodding curiously the past several years with few major developments, will get another push in Massachusetts, the state’s economic development arm announced earlier this month.

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative’s Innovation Institute will begin by exploring how blockchain, which is best known for its role as the technological scaffolding in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, could be adopted within municipal governments to improve transparency and reliability in recordkeeping.

In search of “the next big thing,” institute director Patrick Larkin told StateScoop, the agency considered various emerging technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, quantum computing and artificial intelligence. But it settled on blockchain as a field that the region, home to universities like Harvard and MIT, could best use to drive new research and business development. So far, he said, his group has contacted the Boston Blockchain Association and is now planning an education series for municipal leaders on how blockchain can support their operations.

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Massachusetts Program Spreads Blockchain Knowledge to Cities

Government Technology

By: Jed Pressgrove

August 14, 2020

In contrast to higher levels of government, municipalities have greater flexibility to assess and test blockchain applications, according to the vision that’s driving a new training program in Massachusetts.

The program, led by the Innovation Institute of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC), involves educational sessions aimed at “government innovators” in local areas. The sessions, two of which have already occurred in 2020, aim to help leaders understand blockchain and its potential applications in layman terms, said Pat Larkin, director of the Innovation Institute.

Larkin said the program is driven by the work the organization has done with the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, which asked MTC to examine different new technologies that could grow the economy of the state.

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How to Restore Your Faith in Government

BitCoin Market Journal

By: Sir John Hargrave

August 18, 2020

The need to educate our government leaders about blockchain has never been greater. The coming changes to the global economy will require governments to find new ways of creating and managing money, and blockchain technology offers future-thinking governments a way to think about the future.

It is easy, in these times, to fall into cynicism about the state of our government, to think that no one decent or honest is left in the system. Our experience has been the opposite: we have been encouraged by the smart, thoughtful people working with us in this blockchain education series. They understand a good deal about bitcoin and blockchain, and they’re eager to learn more.

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