Technology State House Day 2015 Brings Together 300+ Tech Execs & Legislators at Massachusetts State House

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Technology State House Day 2015 Brings Together

300+ Tech Execs & Legislators at Massachusetts State House

Attendees Discussed “Internet of Things in Massachusetts" & Tested Innovative Technologies

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Tech Hub Caucus hosted its 3rd Technology State House Day today, an event which brought 300-plus attendees to the Massachusetts State House to talk about the "Internet of Things in Massachusetts" and to demo innovative technologies. The event featured both local tech companies and global corporations with a presence in the Commonwealth that have developed connected technologies driving innovation in industries such as energy, government, health care, and transportation.

Tech is a key component of the state’s economy. According to the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s 2015 State of Technology Report, there are more than 13,500 tech companies in Massachusetts, 20% of the Commonwealth’s workers (619,000) are directly & indirectly employed in tech & tech-induced jobs, and Massachusetts ranks #1 in the nation for its share of employment in high-tech jobs.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to technology that enables devices and applications to communicate seamlessly with one another to become part of a connected whole which can transmit data through the cloud, transforming it into useful information for people, business and institutions. Keynote Speaker Chris Rezendes, president of New Bedford-based INEX Advisors, a firm that works extensively with IoT companies, highlighted the importance of these emerging, connected technologies.

“Today was a terrific opportunity to continue the conversation and partnership between government and the tech sector,” said Tech Hub Caucus co-chair Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland). “The tech sector is driving economic growth and impacting all other industries in Massachusetts. I’m proud that the Tech Hub Caucus continues to engage the innovation community, and I look forward to future learning opportunities and collaboration.”

“I'm pleased to have been a part of such a successful tech event here at the State House,” stated Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante (D-Gloucester), Tech Hub Caucus co-chair. “It’s encouraging to see the impressive response these events are getting and the enthusiasm from both legislators and industry leaders.  I look forward to advancing these relationships and creating dialogue that grows the innovation economy here in Massachusetts. It’s important that we continue value how the Internet of Things develops and creates efficient solutions to all sectors of our economy.”

Attendees took part in interactive breakout sessions co-led by tech executives and policymakers, where they learned about specific IoT applications, such as healthcare, transportation, government solutions and energy, and discussed their implications for revolutionizing industries and impacting the Massachusetts economy. Legislators co-leading these discussions with industry executives included Senator Eileen Donoghue, Senator James Welch, Representative Mark Cusack, Representative Kate Hogan, Representative Thomas Golden, and Representative Jeffrey Roy.

The Tech Hub Caucus is a project of the TechHub Collaborative Policy Working Group. Members of the Tech Hub Policy Working Group include: EMC, Google, MassTLC, TechNet, the Innovation Institute at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, Microsoft, MITX, and Verizon. The TechHub Collaborative is a nexus for industry, academia, and government to discuss, strengthen, and advance top priorities of the Massachusetts tech sector. 

“IoT promises to revolutionize how we live and work by connecting real world “things” like cars, buildings, and machines.  Positive experiences with everything from wearable devices to smart cities have organizations of all sizes asking how connecting and managing more devices can benefit their customers,” said Donna Cupelo, Region President of Verizon New England.  “From the work we do at our Innovation Center in Waltham, we know that Massachusetts is one of the leaders in the nation developing new ideas in this space, and it’s a huge opportunity for the state going forward.”

"Today’s Technology State House Day underscores the importance that our leaders in state government place on collaboration and partnership to ensure that Massachusetts continues to be a global leader in technology, innovation, and competitiveness,” stated Chris Goode, Senior Vice President and Chief Public Affairs Officer at EMC. 

The event featured live demonstrations from well-known tech firms and Massachusetts startups which showcased innovative IoT technologies that are changing the way we live and work. Company participants included: iRobot, Ecovent, Nest, Zipcar, Bridj, Microsoft, MC10, and LogMeIn among others.

"An amazing collection of people and companies have been working hard on IoT for a number of years,” stated keynote speaker Chris Rezendes, President of INEX Advisors. “They represent every major stakeholder group, vertical market and technology segment. Each day, their collaborations enhance the lives of people in Massachusetts and beyond. There can be no doubt, we are among the leaders instrumenting the world with intelligence and intention."


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