AI Jumpstart

Region(s) Served: Greater Boston

Date awarded: February 2020

Amount: $2,200,000 ($2M from Collaborative R&D Fund, $200K from John Adams Fund for operating support)

Partners: Northeastern University, Boston University, Tufts University

Overview: AI Jumpstart is an innovative pilot program to assist Massachusetts firms interested in deploying artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their businesses. This novel program will fund new computing infrastructure at Northeastern and connect industry partners with world-class facilities and researchers across several AI disciplines. The program will be a dedicated effort to connect interested industry partners with world- class computing facilities and leading edge researchers with expertise several AI disciplines and incorporate AI and machine learning tools and techniques into businesses across a wide range of industries.

The AI Jumpstart Program is a partnership between MassTech and Northeastern based on a 15-year history of collaboration with a demonstrated track record of successful investments in university-based research and development projects that engage industry.

AI Jumpstart will build upon the $25M investment made by DARPA in Colosseum, the world’s largest radio frequency emulator at Northeastern’s Burlington Campus, allowing researchers to conduct groundbreaking research at the intersection of AI and systems/technologies such as 5G, drones, smart cities, and mobile edge computing by utilizing the massive datasets generated by Colosseum.

To learn more about the project or to find out how to become a partner, contact Joseph D. Downing, Senior Advisor for the Innovation Institute at MassTech Collaborative at