D’Works Innovation Fund

Date Awarded: June 2019

Award Amount: $200,000

Focus Region: South Coast

Partners: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Consortium for Marine Robotics (CMR)

Overview: The Innovation Institute at MassTech has seeded the D’Works Innovation Fund via CMR for qualified companies to access WHOI facilities, as well as technical and engineering support, building on a previous $5 million grant to support the construction of DunkWorks Advanced Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping Center and several other new test facilities at WHOI. These investments will increase the competitiveness of the South Coast region and Massachusetts in the marine robotics industry.

D’Works funding is intended to support the use of critical fabrication and testing equipment and facilities by startups, entrepreneurs and innovators to develop marketable robotic devices, vehicles, AI, or sensors for use in the marine environment. Available WHOI facilities include the DunkWorks Advanced Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping Center, WHOI’s advanced pressure test and calibration facilities, the Iselin Marine Facility and test well, and WHOI’s skilled carpentry, electrical, and mechanical staff.