New England Research Cloud

Focus Region: Statewide

Date Awarded: February 2020

Amount: $875,000

Partners: Boston University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center

Overview: The vision of the New England Research Cloud (NERC) is to build a cohesive, sustainable partnership between research clusters and technology professionals with a common cloud framework that is tailored for data-driven discovery and available to many institutions in New England. These funds will support a pilot program and the development of the hardware and software that allows the pilot to (i) establish new cloud architecture for data-driven research across a wide array of subjects, including data science, physical science, life sciences, social sciences, earth sciences, and public health & medicine; and that (ii) will provide training for the newest cohorts of researchers entering the workforce to advance the technology frontier in these fields. 

Making user-created platforms more widely available will increases collaboration and provide new tools for communities to use far beyond the host institution. Overall, these tools, services, and consultations with facilitators will enable research efficiency, increased innovation, and competitiveness at research institutions and firms around the Commonwealth.

To learn more about the project or to find out how to become a partner, contact NERC Co-Director Scott Yockel (, NERC Co-Director Wayne Gilmore (, or Joseph D. Downing, Senior Advisor for the Innovation Institute at Mass Tech Collaborative at 508-870-0312 or