Tech Hub Collaborative

The Mass Tech Hub Collaborative works across the Commonwealth to support and grow the state’s technology sector.  Its Executive Committee – a committed group of leaders in industry, academia, and state government – routinely collaborates with other entrepreneurs, CEOs, state officials, professors, teachers, and industry organizations to strengthen the entrepreneurship environment, talent pipeline, brand identity and other aspects of Massachusetts’s tech innovation economy. 

Massachusetts is already globally recognized for the talent in its top universities, the world-class R&D of its corporations, and its vibrant churn of new startup ventures.  The Mass Tech Hub Collaborative strives to harness the assets and resources of this dynamic ecosystem to expand the tech community, advance its future competitiveness, and strengthen its contributions to the state economy at-large. 


About the Massachusetts Tech Hub Collaborative 

The Mass Tech Hub Collaborative is committed to the stewardship of Massachusetts’ digital technology industry.  It was formed in 2009 by academic, business and civic leaders to better inform and advance the Commonwealth’s vibrant tech sector to succeed in the global economy.

The Tech Hub Collaborative represents all segments of Massachusetts’ digital technology sector—including, but not limited to, software, hardware, robotics, gaming, e-commerce, mobile technology, health IT, and interactive media.


About the Massachusetts Technology Sector 

Massachusetts is home to more than 10,000 technology companies in all, representing over 20% of state GDP.  These include the likes of Analog Devices, EMC, Akamai, and major R&D units of Verizon, IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle.  The state is also home to the teams behind Guitar Hero, Lord of the Rings Online, the network behind iTunes, and the digital artists behind the latest Martin Scorcese film!

The Massachusetts tech ecosystem continues to expand and reinvent itself.   It spans across the bustling epicenter of biotech and IT startups in Kendall Square, to the renewed belt of tech sector companies along Route 128 and the busy campuses of Cisco, EMC, and IBM dotting the landscape along I-495. 

This rich technology ecosystem spawns and supports existing and new enterprises constantly, as entrepreneurs and corporations explore new technology-enabled avenues in robotics, digital media, health care, life science, defense, and clean energy.