Request for Proposals for IP Address Broker - Closed

Request for Proposals for IP Address Broker - Closed

RFP No. 2020-GA-03

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (“MassTech”) is issuing this Request for Proposals for an IP Address Broker (RFP No. 2020-GA-03) (the “RFP” or “RFP”) to solicit responses from qualified auctioneers or brokers (“Applicants”) to assist with the sale/auction of Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses.

The IP addresses consist of 1 contiguous block totaling approximately 65,534 unique IP addresses from one overall class B IP address space. The block is currently available. MassTech wishes to auction the addresses either as individual blocks, or one large block, depending on recommendations of the chosen Applicant.

MassTech will be looking for the successful Applicant to provide demonstrable, market based guidance on the process of an IP address auction and sale from beginning to end. This guidance will include required ARIN filings, internal and external steps to complete the auction and sale including hosting the auction and advice on contracting with the chosen buyer, and revenues MassTech should expect the sale to generate as well as any other information Applicant determines appropriate given the nature of the transaction and its market knowledge. The successful Applicant shall also be responsible for the marketing and execution of the auction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MassTech reserves the right to set a minimum floor price for each sale. MassTech does not want to sell the IP addresses at below market rates.

Full details included in the RFP below.

Team Lead Dan Mushrush,
RFP Issued February 11, 2020
Questions Due February 18, 2020
Answers to Questions Posted February 21, 2020
Responses Due March 11, 2020 by 3:00PM

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